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MDSafari makes shopping and accessing the highest quality healthcare dramatically easier. Our enterprise digital health platform is used by over 180 medical facilities, health plans, and employers nationwide.


Drive Smarter Healthcare Choices

MDsafari’s healthcare shopping platform allows your employees & members to identify and select lower cost, higher rated doctors and procedures for better outcomes and lower medical costs. Average annual cost savings per member exceed 20%.


Your Complete Telemedicine Solution

MDSafari offers both an industry leading telemedicine platform, and a multi-specialty credentialed telemedicine provider network. Increase your organization's access to providers for increased productivity and reduced medical costs.


Personalized Wellness Community

Engage your members with a community focused on health and wellness where they will find support, advice and guidance from other community members and health experts. Educate, Support, and Engage your members for reduced medical costs, better outcomes, and higher levels of engagement.

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